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Jane Spooner Artist

One-to-One | Online | Artist Brand | Mentoring | 1 hour

One-to-One | Online | Artist Brand | Mentoring | 1 hour

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Are you struggling to create a strong personal brand that truly reflects your unique artistic style and values? As an artist branding mentor, I can help you overcome this challenge with ease. I specialise in branding and marketing for artists, and can guide you through the process of defining your brand identity, developing a consistent visual and verbal language, and building a strong online presence that resonates with your target audience.

Together, we can create a brand strategy that incorporates your passion, style, and the unique beauty of your work. I can provide you with practical advice on how to optimise your website and social media accounts, develop effective marketing strategies, and grow your audience.

As an artist branding mentor, I offer a unique combination of expertise in both branding and art. With over 20 years of experience in the print and design industry and a deep passion for art and creativity, I can help you build a successful career in the arts while staying true to your artistic vision and values.

Why choose me as your brand mentor? I have a wealth of experience in developing and executing successful branding strategies for a variety of clients, including artists. As an artist myself, I understand the unique challenges and opportunities of building a successful career in the arts, and can provide practical advice and support that is tailored to your individual needs. I take a holistic approach to branding, taking into account not just the visual aspects of your brand but also your personality, values, and goals. With my personalised guidance and access to a network of industry professionals and resources, you can gain the knowledge, skills, and support needed to build a strong and sustainable brand that reflects your artistic vision and values, and connects with your target audience.

Don't let your artistic potential go untapped. Contact me today to learn how I can help you take your career to the next level.

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  • Cancellation Policy

    In order to cancel an individual mentor-coaching session, a minimum of 48-hour notice is required. Failure to provide such notice will result in a charge for the full session amount. Jane Spooner Artist reserves the right to reschedule or cancel any scheduled session, and in such cases, participants will be notified at least five business days in advance. If a session is rescheduled or canceled, students are welcome to enroll in the next available time slot.

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