How long does an order take to process?

For Open Edition Prints: please allow up to one week.

A Limited Edition Prints: Please allow ten to fourteen days.

Originals: Please allow ten to fourteen days.

The above are estimates and work on the basis of non-peak times such as Christmas or over bank holiday weekends such as the Easter weekend. The time scales quoted also work on the basis of standard-sized prints displayed on the website and not special orders. If I have the print requested in stock, turnaround times are often less than those quoted above.

Do you accept commissions?

Yes, I do accept commissions. Please contact me here for detail

Commissioned pieces are priced in the same price range as my originals as I reserve the right to make limited edition prints from the original piece if I think it would be good to add to my range. I am also happy to discuss on an individual basis total exclusivity for the customer and no print run. The price of the piece does increase in those circumstances.

What is the difference between a Limited Edition Print and an Open Edition print?

Limited Edition prints are limited in their number for production to the size stated on my website and on the print itself. This makes the image more exclusive, especially if the edition size is small in number eg 45 or 50. If my website states that an image has an edition size of 50 plus 5 artist’s proofs then no more than 50 copies of that image will be printed except the 5 artist’s proofs. The artist’s proofs are not from the main edition of prints. They are slightly different in some ways as described below.

An Open Edition of prints is an unlimited number of copies of the picture and that is because the picture may be reproduced on cards for example, or occasionally other merchandise. These prints are cheaper than the Limited Edition ones because of their lack of exclusivity.

What is an Artist’s Proof?

Artist’s Proofs are the first prints the artist receives from the printer. They are the first copies made of the image and are used to check colour accuracy mostly but also sharpness, any blemishes and to see what the Artist thinks of the appearance of their work on certain paper types. At this stage, there can often be subtle changes made until the artist is happy to give the okay to print the main edition. This means that each artist's proof is unique and therefore considered more valuable. If the Limited Edition is 50 in number then there are generally no more than 5 artists' proofs (10% of the main edition size).

Do you ship abroad?

Yes, I ship work internationally however I do not ship framed work as the responsibility of the glass causes me too much worry!! Prices for shipping internationally vary from one country to another. Please ask for a quote if you are unsure of the best option for you.

Can you print to a different size other than those on your website?

Within reason, yes but I am constrained by the size of the printer and also must consider any loss in quality if work is printed too large. Generally, it is not a problem to print up to 26 inches square. The smallest I print to is 10 inches square.

If you have any questions that have not been answered above please feel free to ask via my contact page.