Overcoming Discouragement & Reclaiming Your Creativity

Overcoming Discouragement & Reclaiming Your Creativity

As the year nears its end, we can reflect on what an immense time of unpredictability and personal growth this year has been. In the ever-shifting landscape that surrounds us, it is essential to find new ways to make things work in our lives. Let's take advantage of now being at the close of such a turbulent period by considering which successes have come from these struggles and how we might improve upon them moving forward!

A fresh beginning awaits.

As we approach the start of a new year, it is essential to prepare our minds for setting achievable goals and forming positive intentions. To ensure that we make wise decisions in pursuit of these aspirations, however, we must first confront any lingering self-doubt or insecurity from our past before boosting ourselves up for brighter future prospects. Understanding our thoughts and feelings can be challenging for some, but by taking the time to explore these vulnerabilities, we give ourselves an opportunity to create a strong foundation rooted in the present. By doing so, we open up new possibilities for personal growth into becoming our best selves as well as embracing what lies ahead on our journey.

Two perspectives, one reality.

Explore how two distinct interpretations of a single phrase can evoke different emotional reactions by saying them aloud and paying attention to the feelings that arise.

"The year is ending, and a new one is about to begin."

The start of a new year can be thrilling for some, while it may bring sorrow and regret to others. You might assume that those who are full of joy have achieved more in life than you or haven't had the same struggles as you; however, this isn't necessarily true. A fresh year brings with it an opportunity to take up your pen - one that belongs solely to you! Despite feeling like a heavy ball and chain is shackled around your ankles at times, don’t let it hold you back from reaching heights greater than ever before.

Surprisingly, success has nothing to do with the amount one achieves; it's all about having the right mindset and knowing who to trust. We may be unknowingly stopping ourselves from soaring before our wings even get a chance! To ensure that we reach great heights, let’s explore why this is happening and what steps we can take for a successful flight.

Overcoming Discouragement & Reclaiming Your Creativity

Shattered Hopes: Unfulfilled Dreams and Artistic Discouragement.

Putting ourselves on the line can be intimidating, and sometimes our plans don't work out as expected. Life is unpredictable and chaotic at times, with so much outside of our power to manipulate or control. We make commitments to improve ourselves artistically and achieve success in some form or another that shows we've made it - until something arises that throws us off course. Nevertheless, these trials do not define us; rather they teach us valuable lessons about resilience which strengthens our spirit for future endeavours. Could it be that we attempted to transform too rapidly and take on far more than what our willpower was able to handle, leaving us feeling drained? Maybe an unexpected barrier has appeared which leaves us uncertain as of how to overcome it.

When we have no energy left, it is easy to give up on our ambitions and let down those who depend on us. This act of surrendering to the seemingly impossible hurts us deeply, eventually leading to a lack of trust in ourselves and an overwhelming sense of discouragement that follows every dream that fails. When we are confronted with wanting something good for ourselves or working hard towards achieving it, why would anyone put faith in someone who has betrayed them multiple times?

Do you recognize yourself in this description? You are not alone, and there is still hope. All of us have experienced failure at some point in our lives; it's a common occurrence that can help us to grow and learn from our mistakes.

Don't allow failure to derail you from your goals. Instead, look at it as an opportunity for growth and self-discovery! Picture the moment in a movie or book when courage is needed most - that's usually when the hero discovers hidden depths of strength within themselves; a previously untapped resource they can use to overcome adversity and ultimately succeed.

Reestablish faith in yourself and your artistic knack; it's time to step into the spotlight!

When we lose faith in ourselves, it can often be difficult to get back on track and have the confidence to take action towards our goals. To assist you along this journey of regaining your trust, I've outlined a few do's and don'ts for articulating and upholding the intentions you set for yourself. With these tips, I hope that you are able to rediscover your self-belief - so that what will follow is not just promises but also their full realisation!

Don't be afraid to follow your own path and express yourself in a way that is true to who you are. You don't have to conform just because something else might be popular. For instance, if sloths have suddenly become the "it" thing but your style is better expressed through darker or grungy artwork, then embrace it! Don't be afraid to create art from the depths of your soul, even if it isn't stylish. There is always someone who will relate to and appreciate your work. Instead of trying to follow trends, take a step back; put in the effort that fulfils you and expresses your artistic voice without feeling like a duty or chore. And don’t forget – add an element of yourself into whatever style you choose! For instance, instead of generic sloths - draw something unique with a darker tone that still speaks authentically about who you are as an artist.

Rejuvenate in the Comfort of Your Own Space - We all admire those who strive to become better, but if we are spending every single day trying to tackle difficult or tedious tasks it can hurt our creativity and enthusiasm for art. Similar to how an athlete must rest in order for their body to heal and grow stronger; our artistic side also needs a break so that it may recharge. Spend moments doing something creative simply because you enjoy making art, not as part of some challenge or someone else's expectations. By freeing ourselves from the expectations we place upon our art, not only can we further capitalize on our inherent strengths without stressing over improving, but it also gives us a clearer understanding of why exactly we enjoy what do.

Focus on achievable objectives - Create goals that you can control, rather than ones based on results beyond your influence such as likes or followers. If you make the number of likes a measure of success, then there is no room for learning and growth in case of failure. Life isn't straightforward like math equations; our ambitions should be built around this understanding.

An ideal process-oriented objective could be:
  • This week, I am committing to invest ten minutes of my day towards honing the art of drawing anatomy.
  • Each week, I will commit to two hours to refresh my art print shop.
  • I'm committing to posting my artwork on social media for one year, with the intention of sharing at least three times each week.
    Examples of ineffective approaches to the same objectives:
    • I will become an expert in anatomy drawing.
    • My goal for the month is to sell 100 Prints.
    • I'm confident I will reach 20,000 followers on Instagram by the end of this year.

      Take time to appreciate yourself - applaud your strength and dedication, no matter how small the accomplishment. For example, if you find it challenging even just to sit down for a few hours of drawing but then one day manage to beat those fears; the fact that you could pick up a pencil at all is undoubtedly something worthy of recognition. Acknowledge your effort in devoting time towards art without tying your self-worth solely to what was created. It's of no consequence if what you produced is a sketch or an artistic masterpiece, for the moment all that matters is that you conquered your creative inner-self and deserve to be applauded.

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      Overcoming Discouragement & Reclaiming Your Creativity

      How am I expected to accomplish that?

      You might be thinking "Jane, how can I possibly apply this when I keep failing? It just doesn't work for me." Well, let me tell you that it is possible! With the right attitude and a few small tweaks to your approach, success awaits.

      Picture a vibrant brook that emerges from the top of an undulating hillside and meanders effortlessly towards its destination - a serene lake. As this rivulet takes its course, it gradually carves out channels into the rocky terrain until each drop is able to flow harmoniously as one powerful river. This marvellous process symbolises how we get better at countless activities like walking, drawing, speaking languages and learning anything. It also helps form our perception of challenges and the way we respond to them emotionally. This phenomenon, known as brain plasticity, occurs daily without our awareness. But if we are mindful of it and make a conscious effort to direct our actions purposefully in the desired direction, then this process can be utilised for our benefit. You have the power to bring about positive change in your life by actively choosing to take action and cultivate a successful mindset towards your art. If you've been adhering to detrimental habits for some time, it can be difficult to shift them into healthier patterns; however, if you keep building up those good habits over three months or more, the process will eventually become easier! Persevere and don't give up - this kind of personal transformation is worth investing time and effort in!

      To Conclude

      It is essential to be gentle with ourselves and remember that we can accomplish extraordinary feats by consistently working towards positive outcomes. Before taking off, take the time to rediscover what makes creating enjoyable and use every opportunity available for learning something new or mastering existing skills. Although it may seem like our goals are often out of reach and result in us feeling discouraged due to not achieving them, recall that you have complete control over your destiny - never waver when striving after your aspirations!

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      Overcoming Discouragement & Reclaiming Your Creativity

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